Graphic Designer + Virtual Assistant

“Purposeful Branding and Design to Empower Entrepreneurs.”

A little about my journey:
My web and graphic design process are fueled by passion, empowerment, and balance. I understand the power of a VOICE because I found my own Voice that came from trauma. (Read more about my story at UnlockedPain.comBeing a graphic web designer has played an intricate part in my healing journey. It allows me the be creative with no limits and to make my (OUR) own beauty. Since then, I felt it was time to combine my two passions – helping others build their platform whether it be personal, business or cause-based & Web Design!

“Begin your new chapter in Business with Confidence.”

What I do and Why I do it:
I appreciate every opportunity to collaborate with clients in the Digital Nomad, Entrepreneur, Small Business and Non-Profit niche.
Branding is a powerful expression of storytelling that will resonate with your customers. My purpose is to co-create a unique and custom design experience. Bringing your vision to life with a strong online presence is my mission. I’m also well-versed in website development, WordPress, social media management, content creation, and virtual assistance services.

The Process to Branding your Purposeful Business

Discovery Call:
We start our process by setting up a Discover Call to discuss your Voice, Values, and Visuals.

Agree to Proposal: 
After receiving the proposal, review it and reply when you’re ready to move forward. (Please be sure ask any questions or request any revisions you’d like to see at this point.)

Receive Contract: 
You’ll receive a contract via email to electronically sign summarizing; pricing, deliverables, and timeline.

Receive Invoice: $
An agreed invoice will be sent to your email address. Payment is required up-front via bank transfer or credit card through our secure payment system.

After Payment is Received: 
You’ll receive your Brand Questionnaire via email and we’ll schedule any necessary calls. I’ll begin within 2 business days of payment received.

On-Going Support: 
You’ll have access to email support during my business hours (Tuesday-Friday & Sunday 11am-9pm CST) until finalization. Most emails are answered the same day or within 24 hours.

“Our paths have crossed and I don’t know the reason yet. I would love to find out!”

Visual Branding + Graphic Designer

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