My Mission

Hola, I’m Petra Clarke, CA
(credentialed advocate)

I’m currently a one-woman team. I was raised in a secure and loving foster home in the Midwest. To avoid the ? harsh winters ❄️ and suffering from the seasonal affective disorder, we relocated to beautiful ? Las Vegas, Nevada ?.

I love ?’s , kickboxing ? and I’m a supporter of shopping local and small businesses. In my spare time, I volunteer with The Cupcake Girls ?, a local non-profit organization. We offer help and services to people working in the adult industry, as well as aftercare to those who have been victims of sex trafficking.

Why the name Rose Gold Management?

In 2016, I had a very challenging year, with trauma emerging after years of attempting to keep it bottled up inside. In the same year, I had some of my happiest moments and experienced a lot of personal growth ?. I recall seeing the color rose gold and retaining it in my head for some reason. Every time I saw rose gold, it reminded me of all the wonderful things that had transpired that year. I launched my personal blog –, I got married and I forgave my biological mother.

I’m currently a one-woman team but I firmly believe in journaling and manifesting what I envision. In the future, I’d like to build a company that values mental wellness and a good work-life balance. Providing opportunities for individuals who require work-from-home flexibility. Putting together a TEAM of trauma survivors who are both talented and eager to help eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness. #NoMoreShame

My Mission

I’m dedicated to raising awareness and creating a safe space for open conversations. I’m a multi-talented ? Las Vegas-based graphic designer who utilizes art to advocate. I struggled at the beginning wanting to share my own lived experience from trauma while still fitting into the mold of what people see as a “professional”.

I’ve accepted that the term “professional” doesn’t apply to me. It’s not that I’m not a professional; it’s simply that I am uniquely ME. I don’t need to fit into any mold.

Imposter Syndrome:

“You didn’t go to college. So how are you qualified?”

“She talks about struggling with depression and her mental health – she must be unreliable.”

“You should never combine personal and business because you’ll be seen as unprofessional”

I Forged My Own Path

I’m an empathic human on a healing journey. My art serves as a road map for taking action and raising awareness about urgent social concerns. If you’d like to hire me for your next logo, graphic design project, or website development – Let’s Chat!