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Explore a selection of my custom packages designed to assist you in developing your brand identity, your voice, and transforming your web presence to make an impact.

The Process

Let’s Get to Know You and Your Vision

  1. Your Free Consultation Call. To begin, schedule your complimentary consultation call so that we can get to know one another better. Let’s talk about your core values, mission, goals, and the end result.
    • Do you need someone with flexibility? Are you looking for speedy responses? Let’s talk about your expectations right away so we can figure out whether we’re a good match. I want to have a clear understanding of what you need, which may entail referring you to a designer I highly recommend.
    • We’ll discuss your deadline, a strategy and to determine your website’s aesthetic design and functionality.

2. The Proposal. I’ll work out a schedule with you, and you’ll get my proposal within 48-72 hours. Don’t be concerned; a proposal is not a contract. My proposal is tailored to your needs and includes an estimate of the cost of my services.

  • Suggestion: During this time, I recommend that you reflect on our conversation, my services, your budget and the investment cost so you make an informed decision. Things may come up after the initial proposal has been sent that you forget about. This is a great time to get in touch with me if you want to add or revise the proposal.

3. We’ll Make It Official. Another proposal will be sent to you, ensuring that all of the modifications are correct and updated (if any changes are needed). To get started, you’ll confirm and accept the final proposal. You’ll receive your digital contract, which includes my conditions, payment information, and estimated timeframe.

4. Research & Gathering Information. After the agreed contract is digitally signed and your 50% non-refundable deposit has been received. You’ll receive my questionnaire, which will provide me with the information I need to continue forward with the initial step of the design concept. I conduct extensive research into your business/mission and target audience before developing a plan for you.

  • At this stage, all photos and website copy (the wording) are due. This is essential both before I create your website mock-up and before I begin the website development process.
  • My web design questionnaire must be returned as part of the creative phase before I can progress to the next level.

5. Staying Organized. I’ll create a personal dashboard on to help you stay organized and to ensure I receive all content needed from you.

Web Design Stages

6. Wireframe & Visuals. I’ll create a website prototype that includes the layout, fonts, colors, buttons, design elements, and overall aesthetic. While I work on bringing your design to life, there will be some downtime at this stage. When the prototype is complete, you’ll be sent a connection to a wireframe site where you can examine it and submit any comments or requests for changes.

  • Please Note – If any changes are needed after the prototype design has been approved. We can make the necessary adjustments and fees are applicable (A La Carte Services)

8. Web Development. Get EXCITED we’ll move on to the next phase once we’ve finished our final assessment of the prototype and confirmed that everything is operating properly. I’ll begin working on the development of your website. ?

9. Final Payment. One final review and after you’ve accepted the final design, you’ll send your final payment.

9. LAUNCH TIME. I will send you all of the design files, branding elements, and login information once payment is received in full. We’ll merge the design to your website domain and LAUNCH. ???

Deposit: To reserve and secure a spot on my calendar, I do require a 50% non-refundable deposit for all of my website packages. Your deposit is required and must be made before work on the project can begin.

Payment: The remaining balance must be made after the project is finished but before the final product is delivered or launched.

Payment Plans: I do offer a few payment plan options. On request, payment plans can be set up.

*The pricing packages above are an estimate. Some projects may require more or less time resulting in necessitating a price adjustment. A bundle offer can be worked out if you provide your budget. Discounts may be available if you bundle multiple services!

*Hourly rates can be employed for long-term client-designer collaborations.

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