WordPress Theme Package

If you’re embarking on a mission project or a small business venture. By leveraging a WordPress theme, I am able to offer an affordable price. We’ll work together and select a pre-made WordPress theme that I can customize to reflect your values and visions.


As a young single mom, I taught myself how to build websites out of necessity. I felt inadequate and I had to overcome imposter syndrome for five years. I created this package based on my personal experience of feeling “stuck” in a vicious loop. Let me remind you that imposter syndrome affects even the most brilliant and passionate people.

To be quite honest, I tried for around 8 years to start my own business as a “professional” web and graphic designer. I never felt like I was good enough. I was preoccupied with my lack of a college diploma and comparing myself to others (Read More). Now I appreciate how creative I am and how lovely my brain ? is. A talent can be taught, but passion ? cannot, and that is where I THRIVE!


~ Petra Clarke

They say it’s difficult to start a business, but I believe it’s COMPLEX not difficult! If you are passionate about the service or your mission, it will keep you going during the difficult COMPLEX times. When launching a business, we must remove the complication that we may generate inadvertently. Finding equally passionate individuals for your team and the different phases of growth is the first step.

Do any of these questions strike a chord with you?

  • “I can’t figure out a name for my business”
    • I offer consultation and we can brainstorm together – Click Here
  • “Should my website be .com or .net?”
    • If you’re unsure the best choice is .com due to ranking higher in google and mostly common used.
  • “Do I need both a domain and hosting?” “What’s the difference between them?”
    • Yes, you’ll need both to create a website.
    • Domain Name = www. yourwebsitename .com also referred as URL.
    • Web Hosting = your website and all content are visible to everyone and I offer hosting packages.
  • “Do I really need a website or is social media enough?”
    • To be honest, when I was just starting out and trying to save money. Using free social networking sites until you are ready and committed to having a website is a good idea. If your service is centered on products, you will undoubtedly want a website. If you already have a presence on social media and are ready to go on to the next level. That’s when I’d advise you to invest in a website.
  • “Do I need a logo to launch my website?”
    • Nope! You can start with a simple wordmark logo that you can make in Canva and use temporarily. You’ll eventually want to hire a graphic designer to create a professional and unique logo for your business. If you’re looking for a graphic designer, you’ve come to the right place. I know someone ?. When you’re ready, Let’s Chat!
  • “Do I need a full branding package?”
    • I would not recommend one at the beginning.! A full branding package would be appropriate for a well-established company that is ready to take the next step. You should definitely invest in a branding package in the future, but it isn’t necessary when you first start out. I appreciate forming a partnership with you that will last through every stage of your business growth.


Over the years, I’ve witnessed incredible people overcome adversity and develop one-of-a-kind businesses and missions with a purpose. Digital art advocates, jewelry makers, podcasters, non-profits, trauma speakers, and authors. would all benefit from this starter package. I’d love to hear more about your innovative business or impactful mission. – Contact Me